The Staff

Mike Lewis, Owner

After earning undergraduate and MBA degrees along with 20+ years of executive work experience with three Fortune 100 companies, Mike is now thrilled to be a small business owner. Combining his education and corporate background with a passion for cars led him to open 301 Motors - a small boutique auto dealership close to his family in Wildwood, FL.

This latest venture aligns perfectly with Mike's long time interest in cars and deep dedication to a life of helping and serving others. As Confucius says, "The man who loves his job never works a day in his life." Words which remind Mike how fortunate he is to do something he really enjoys.  
As an owner/operator of 301 Motors, Mike is unafraid to get his hands dirty knowing success in today's complex and ambiguous small business environment often requires hard work and long hours. He absolutely loves the variety and challenge of building a sustainable small business venture on his own.

Christian Lewis, Manager Detail & Operations

Christian is the youngest of Mike's two sons who heads up the detail and facility operations departments. He brings a wealth of value and experience to the company having mentored for under a highly skilled detailer of high end exotic cars back in South Orange County, CA. He equally shares a deep passion for cars like his father mixed with a fondness for sports. You will always see him around the shop, loyal and determined to help 301 Motors grow into a sustainable small business.